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Vector – Rape Voem Lyrics

Vector – Rape Voem Lyrics
Vector – Rape Voem Lyrics

Vector – Rape Voem Lyrics My thoughts about rape, the opposite of my thoughts about grapes and I really love grapes
I mean wetin dey really sup sef, why are people acting like it’s all flex but why am I not surprised, are we not the same people keeping quiet about a man’s incompetence cos where I’m from a young man can’t tell an old man to leave his seat but for me to agree with this, you’d have to show me a place where you buy plane ticket with respect and they give receipts
I mean it’s respect now, it’s a big deal, like the victim of rape should only sit still
I rarely ever judge a person based on (?) but if the (?) is constantly becoming a pattern and I know you know reputation is beginning of pattern and your image is not deceiving this pattern, I mean you tell people to look under the sun with their eyes on Earth, why on Earth
Why on Earth would you even position yourself to take advantage, back and forth on clay but you’re the head of the (?) So you are snatching the advantage
Cos I watch from the seat of advantage, you know, umpire but higher like say pastor no fit get side chick for choir, hm
But the people do not know man cannot be a god talkless of God
The rape I see happened before the forceful penetration, it happens when you betray the trust in you to lead

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