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scarlxrd – UAV FXR THE MANDEM Lyrics

scarlxrd - UAV FXR THE MANDEM Lyrics
scarlxrd – UAV FXR THE MANDEM Lyrics

scarlxrd – UAV FXR THE MANDEM Lyrics Yeah Scar
Easy now
Just in case you fuck niggas forgot yeah (Is that Shoki on the beat?)

Psycho emergence
I refer to myself 3rd person
Scarlxrd but militant version
I got the game on my back not burdens
My sane is attached not worth it
New phase I’ll attack with purpose
Take enemy’s down in person
Got a venomous bite like a serpent
No man is making me nervous
I ain’t gotta act hard on the surface
Oh shit he’s a lion, I’ll whip man back in the circus
Don’t make me enchant all the curses
I heard all their tracks they’re wordless
They say I fell off certain
I ain’t on the gram I’m working
I ain’t on the gram I’m grown
Deep all the tracks I’ve wrote
Way Better than half of the goats
Fuck image I’m bad to the bone
Take off the mask
Put on the mask
Take off the mask
Ahh shit, Can they keep up? No.
Been on attack
these tracks
In high demand,
Can anyone beat me? no.
They say that I drop too much
I don’t think I’m dropping enough
Oh everyone’s a marketing expert now
If you’re smart why are you broke as fuck?
Been at the crib
Why would I share what I think
Fuck it I’ll give you a glimpse
Master at killing off kings
These days I’m laughing at how fucking easy life is
I had to stash all the links
Shit isn’t moral but nigga it is what it is
I see niggas try reach for me
Since they act luffy I’m sinking the ship
Watch them drown
Watch them sink
In my wave they can not swim
I’m insane I take the risk
Devil fruit inside my ribs
Slaughter house
I take you straight to the slaughter house
Not on the level you talk about
I just hear shit when you run your mouth
They were just hating they love me now
Won’t ever change it or dumb it down
Don’t need no ratings I’m comfy now
Pages on pages Pages on pages
I’m hungry now
Yes I’m incredible
Not that forgettable
Got a few sons on the run they’re terrible
Drop that decimal
Bank on plentiful
Been in the lab can’t share my chemicals
I had to get it and update
Money we get it in nuff ways

Hold up let me think
Let me get my rhythm when I win
Never pick the phone up when it rings
Looking over shoulders for revenge
now I’m really big
Gotta throw some racks inside the crib
Now I gotta get it how I’m thinking I better burn something willing to hurt cut the past to the curb
My sins to the dirt bury them don’t work
Keep thinking I’m better then the last me uh
Yes I am
Still don’t give a damn
Moving lost not found
Judge me all around
Give a fuck
Watch me kill it now
Scar don’t give a fuck
Why the fuck would I be tryna fit in
Don’t you try your luck
You’ll get crushed inside that lie your living
Talk talk some more
Don’t make make no difference
Show show some more
Don’t make no difference
Go hide and crawl
Don’t make no difference
Ive seen it all
Don’t make no difference

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