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Prince Swanny – Formula lyrics

Prince Swanny – Formula lyrics
Prince Swanny – Formula lyrics

Prince Swanny – Formula lyrics Gyal she she want ride
Ride ride ride ride

Gyal come inna me yard me pull
down her tights she wet up inside
big c__k gyal me deh inside so she
Love off me chain life me from dubai
This gyal hotter than spice
Ride pon c*cky gyal like bike me
Have a freaky gyal fi di night gyal a
pray fi di c*cky an feel like
Cockiana this time she feel like
Totiana an she swell like Ariana

So you know me tump up dem two together f**k she
Hard so di gyal want start stama an di next one batty
Like a druma but swan man have di formula mio na
Love gyal from small mi love big from long time me a
Watch pon di tail me affi get gyal gyal gyal na small
Me love big long time me watch pon di tail big

Me haffi gwet gyal last time me lionk a gyal was Saturday all
Pon di balcony d gyal want d agany she a get f**k out properly
Force it up di gyal a mash di brakes pedal f**k an she pum pum a
Settle feel like di thing now
christen mna tell me bout no other one
Cause me di di other one put it inna ya pv$$y like me have to do a
Marathon zes zess an do it mo time an mi G5 an make we do it
For a while pv$$y dem a talk but dem na know mi thing wild up
Inna ya belly me na study outside me na love from samll gyal me
Haffi love big every pum pum me get easy

Now me haffi get gyal gyal gyal me na love
From small gyal me haffi love big every pum
Pum me gyal easy now me haffi get gyal she
She she want ride ride gyal she she want ride
ride ride now we full a bare gyal gyal gyal

Drop city bare gyal gyal gyal
Medz boss bare gyal
Gyal swanny gyal gyal
Uptown gyal gyal

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