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IDK & A$AP Ferg – Mazel Tov Lyrics

IDK & A$AP Ferg - Mazel Tov Lyrics
IDK & A$AP Ferg – Mazel Tov Lyrics

IDK & A$AP Ferg – Mazel Tov Lyrics. Mazel tov to the gang
Living far from the lames
Living out in the hills
Jewish guy pay my bills
Jewish n*gga pay my tax
Over five hundred racks
Uncle Sam need a slap
My new accountant need a dap
My new bitch need a bag
Who me? Huh Laugh
B*tch you better save your money
Get creative with the paper like arts and crafts
B*tch I’m arching backs
N*gga I’m architect
N*gga I built this house all by myself
B*tch where was you at?
You was standing in the back
You was sitting on another n*gga lap
Taking pics duck face quack quack
You was never in the trap
You was living in a dorm room
Never ever strapped, Jansport backpack
Matter Fact you was wack
Wasn’t you, you was hacked
Had bricks, you was Shaq
Lil’ n*gga fall back
You cap cap cap cap


My mom is my newest accountant
She busy counting my thousands
I lost a lot of money that was a downer
Whole fam in position of power
Put riches in the community and we started fixing the product
Stepping on the scene with a couple of bands
Three hoes like I’m santa
Turn a Jacob to a dentist
My money Stormi
Make it rain like Kylie Jenner
When I’m on the mic
And I spit that rap
Imma kill the track
ASAP I put New York on my back
Tesla cyber truck up on the dash
hundred b*tches badder than Stacey Dash
They getting mad I’m the lord I hear all the chat
They call on me but I don’t call them back.
I bark like a Que while you kappa cap
A-K-A with the AK she ratatat tat tat


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