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Crypt (Rap) – Rapping from My Closet lyrics

Crypt (Rap) – Rapping from My Closet lyrics
Crypt (Rap) – Rapping from My Closet lyrics

Crypt (Rap) – Rapping from My Closet lyrics I just try to stick to myself (Yeah)
There’s too many snakes in the grass (Too many)
Too many fakes in the game
Many two-faced men want holes in my back (My back)
I just wanna write my raps and retire my mom and dad (My dad)
So excuse me please, I’ma do me
And you can get the fuck off my back (Ooh!)

Yo, I’m almost to a milli and I made it without spending
A single cent on the pay-per-click AdSense
Other rappers wanna say they didn’t pay for their promotion
But I got papers that say that shit’s a fat fib
Now I don’t know if rappers diss me on the low
So they can brag to their friends that they dissed me and I didn’t even know
But you can tell by the tone that they know
That they don’t stand a chance if we go toe to toe
But I digress this, why stress this?
Lions don’t concern themselves with sheep, why test Crypt?
Boy, I’m on fire like a tire in a wrecked pit
Try and blow out my flame, boy, that’s a death wish
It’s become a common misconception when I rap it rapid
People think I’m babbling about nothing
But I’m saying twice the stuff in half the time
You complain ’cause you tried and it came out sucking
Fuck, every day back on the same topic
When this gonna stop? All this dissing is nonsense
I would rather work together than to bitch about it
Get up on a record with me, spit it
Then we’ll get a crowd to sit around and listen to us spit
And then we’ll get a tally of the better sounding spitter
It’s simple, let’s get it now, go count it out
I guarantee that you will see that all your votes ain’t even close
To equaling half of the votes for me

What a scheme that was, all this shit is so fun
I’m just rapping ’cause I’m happy
You just wrapping ’cause you lunch
And I’ll eat you up like I always do
Another fat joke, but it’s oh, so true
And I can’t help but do it, so go review it
And go focus only on that and not the soulful music
Upload your stupid little hopeless review, bitch
And hope it grows to get beaucoups of views
It’s sad that these people wanna talk shit when they never met Crypt
‘Cause I would befriend them, but
Why do I expect nothing but respect from these specks of the rap game?
They nothing but dust
You and I both know that I’m better than most
And your whole career is a bust
So, gimme my rose while I can smell those
And I’ll go ascend to the son
This the last time that I will address it
All these negative comments, you know I have an ill obsession
Suddenly when I rap about my depression, I sound like NF
And that’s a definite way to discredit all my messages
I’m sounding like me every time I’m on a beat
Stop comparing me to others and then maybe you will see
That’s no disrespect to Nate, he’s one of the greatest in the game
But the second you take away that I’m rapping about my pain
I’m gonna snap and go insane
‘Cause I dealt with it on the daily, maybe, think before you say this shit
Or begin to speak my way, ay

Album reviews just came in
Tales From The Crypt got a 3 out of 10
A guy told me that I rap too much about my dead grandma and that I sound like a bitch
Wow, some of y’all have no soul
She was my best friend but she didn’t even know
That I made a lot of dough from spittin’ infinite flows
Even though some of y’all say I stole a bunch of those
But when I ask you what I stole, y’all don’t even know
‘Cause I never stole shit but the heart from your ho
Man, y’all lost it, this is nonsense
I’m on the way to blow up, y’all watch this
I just turned down a six-figure deal, fuck trying to appeal
I’ll keep rapping from my closet

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